Tesoro Metal Detectors

Jack and Myrna Gifford…

…founded Tesoro Electronics in 1980. During the decades that followed they produced the exceptional metal detectors whose very name speaks the object sought by those who use them: "Treasure" (the English equivalent of "Tesoro"). Jack's own words encapsulate Tesoro's ongoing vision: "As the Spaniards were yesterday's undisputed masters of treasure hunting, we at Tesoro will always endeavor to meet our goal of making Tesoro Metal Detectors today's undisputed masters of treasure hunting."

Our Tesoro Metal Detector Lineup:

Tesoro Cibola
Tesoro Compadre
Tesoro Cortés
Tesoro DeLeón
Tesoro Lobo Super Traq
Tesoro Outlaw
Tesoro Silver µMax
Tesoro Tejón
Tesoro Vaquero